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Womens Wide Footwear

A collection of wide and fuller fitting womens footwear.
Our range of boots and shoes is carefully selected for the woman who is looking for comfort. We sourced ethical brands made to high standards. Our footwear is stored locally in the UK, and we use local in-house technology to get your order delivered as quickly as possible allowing you to enjoy your new shoes or provide that perfect gift for a loved one or friend.


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Ladies Wide Shoes

It's one thing trying to find a pair of shoes to fit your size, but it's also got to be a good width. We have women's shoes with generous width area and stretch. Very importantly, the velcro touch fastening straps on some allowing a secure comfortable fit.

Shoe Width

The width of shoes are sometimes described in letters.

C = narrow fitting ; D = standard fitting ; E = wide fitting ; EE = extra wide fitting; EEE = ultra-wide fitting.