About Us

Brookfield Comfort Ltd
1 Cumberland Place, Welshpool. SY21 7SB
Registered in England and Wales (11884096)
VAT: GB269863835

Brookfield Comfort started in a garage in 2017 selling shoes online through Amazon. The business slowly grew, making connections with suppliers and expanding the product range.

Brookfield Comfort policy starts with service. If we can provide an outstanding experience for our customers then we are doing things right. Our website is clean, simple and easy to use complemented by fast and convenient delivery service. Our back end processes run smoothly ensuring the customer is catered and cared for appropriately. In the rare event of a problem our dedicated customer support team are on hand to assist at all times of the day.
Product Range
We work tirelessley to build a strong and complimentory product range that our customers will relate to and appreciate. Our stock is carefully selected to reflect our standards reflecting comfort, quality and price. All products are 100% genuine from official suppliers and brand owners.