About Us

"I believe in quality footwear from reputable brands. Designed for comfort, and intended for use over several months or years."

Andreas, founder and director


Brookfield Comfort Ltd
1 Cumberland Place, Welshpool. SY21 7SB
Registered in England and Wales (11884096)
VAT: GB269863835


Our customers

We are not the right fit for customer's looking for throwaway fashion. Multiple purchase motivation, for cheap items used just once does confuse me to be honest. The product materials need to be sourced, workers spend time putting them together, and sometimes in awful conditions. Then you have the transport between oceans and roads. They have their place with customers and businesses, but that's not for us.

Our customers order online freely, knowing they can be returned easily, if not suitable. But with full intention to use them more than once, and fully enjoy all their benefits and comfort.


Price matters

We work tirelessly to be competitive with price, because it matters. It matters for our buyers knowing they are getting good value for quality. It matters for us so we can stay competitive and generate enough sales to cover costs. You will find sales on here often. We prioritise heavily reduced prices, instead of high prices with free delivery/returns, for good reason as explained above.


Our Team

Brookfield Comfort started in a garage in 2017 selling shoes online through Amazon. The business slowly grew, making connections with suppliers and expanding the product range. We have a small team, of diverse individuals, working together on all aspects of the business from marketing to fulfilment. We feel close to our customers and their orders.