Birkenstock Size Guide

Birkenstock Size Guide between EUR and UK Sizes

There are two widths of Birkenstock shoes

  1. Regular
  2. Narrow

The wording is actually a little misleading, as 'Regular' width is actually Wide.  It is generally recommended that Men on the higher foot size choose regular and Women on the standard sizes between 3 UK and 7 UK use Narrow.


Birkenstock UK to EU Size Guide Conversion

UK Size EU Size
2.5 35
3.5 36
4.5 37
5 38
5.5 39
7 40
7.5 41
8 42
8.5 43
9.5 44
10.5 45
11.5 46


Brookfield Comfort Birkenstock Size Display

At Brookfield Comfort we identify the width in the description and list the size options in both UK and EU to ensure you know exactly what you are ordering.

Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandals Dark Brown Regular Fit

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