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Choosing Occasion Shoes for Men

Spring and summer are the seasons for special occasions. There may be a wedding, a graduation or significant anniversary. Whether you are a groom, father-of-the-bride, graduate, or guest of honour, it is important that your shoes don't stand out for the wrong reasons.

Consider first the event. Is it black tie, formal, semi-formal, outdoors, in a village hall? Then consider your clothing; is it a tuxedo, formal suit or more casual. With these decisions made, your shoes can help your personal style shine through.

For formal events with a dark suit or tuxedo, black patent shoes are the best and nearly the only choice. Highly polished oxfords are the most formal. A very nice shoe we offer is this Goor black patent oxford.

For semi-formal events, the range of choice opens considerably. Brogues and polished loafers become options. As do shoes made with suede or with textile inserts. Dark grey suits will look best with black shoes. For blue suits, brown shoes work well, but for nearly black navy blue suits, opt for black.  Lighter coloured suits look better with brown or tan shoes. The one exception is a light grey suit, which looks best with a black shoe.

Remember to consider environmental factors when choosing your shoe. An outdoor event will lead you to shoes with a rubber or textured sole. The last thing you want is to slip on the grass at a garden wedding.  These cadet shoes have a sturdy sole that will offer sure footing while looking formal. Another important factor to think of is the amount of standing that will be required. Comfort becomes paramount for events where you will be on your feet most of the day.

Selecting the right shoes for different occasions involves considering factors such as formality, personal style, venue, and comfort.  Happily Brookfield Comfort is here to help you find the right shoe for your next big event. For some inspiration, look at our Occasions page for our range of formal and semi-formal shoes.
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