Bamboo Socks and their Benefits

Bamboo Socks and their Benefits

As the World tries to become more environmentally friendly you may have seen more and more bamboo alternatives to common household items whilst shopping... toothbrushes, cloths, straws, and yep you guessed it, Socks.  But are they as good as everyone says?

( Spoiler alert: Yes )

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5 Reasons to switch to bamboo socks...

1 - Environmentally friendly

Trying to be a bit more eco-friendly? Well, Bamboo is a renewable and fast-growing source which makes it a great alternative to many other less eco-friendly materials, such as conventional cotton, which heavily relies on the use of pesticides and fertilizers to grow.

Bamboo can also self-regenerate from its own roots which means that it can be harvested without killing the plant! ( cool right? )

Fun fact: bamboo can grow up to 1.5 inches an hour!

2 - They are Non-Allergenic

If you have sensitive skin or often suffer from skin conditions such as eczema then bamboo socks might be a good fit for you as bamboo is a hypoallergenic material which means you are very unlikely to have any kind of allergic reaction to it.


3 - More absorbent than other fabrics = Good for foot health

Because Bamboo fiber is hydrophilic and hydrophobic it is great at keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout the day. 

It does this by absorbing the moisture from your skin but then easily letting that moisture evaporate from the fabric which helps keep both your skin and the socks as dry as possible.

Because of this, you're less likely to develop a fungal infection than you would be with other fabric, and it will help you avoid any embarrassing foot odours!  

Fun fact: bamboo socks can absorb up to 4x the amount that cotton socks can!        


4 - They are Thermo-regulating

Are you fed up of having to buy different socks for different seasons?  Well, guess what, Bamboo can fix that too!

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Because bamboo fabric is breathable and is great at getting rid of excess moisture it helps your body stay cool in the summer but also keep warm and dry in the winter! Pretty cool huh?

5 - They are comfortable

Even with all these other benefits, bamboo socks are also super comfortable!  Brookfield Comfort Bamboo Socks Outline


Because of the shape of the fibers Bamboo socks are very soft, which is not only great because they are comfortable but also because they can help reduce friction against the skin which can help reduce the risk of blisters and just general irritation.

( This, as well as the other benefits we’ve mentioned, is why so many people recommend bamboo socks for people with diabetes and young children/babies - basically, bamboo socks are great for everyone! )

Several Bamboo Plants in Pots

As you can see there are a variety of reasons that are encouraging people to switch to bamboo ( we didn't even list all of them!), but at the end of the day it all comes down to your own preference, so if you want to give bamboo a try for yourself then why not head over to Brookfield Comfort and order yourself a pair! 

Can’t hurt right?


 Author: Summer-Louise Jenkins


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